The Rogues Guide - Live Stream Debut

Put on your seat belts folks as we launch the Rogues Guide - bringing you all the content gumption you need to inspire greater storytelling experiences.  This week our content Jedi team, led by Roghan McKerlie and co-host Ming D'Arcy, tackle 3 burning questions:

  1. Is the world ready for VR? (start 1.40min)
  2. Why stream live in 360? (start 10.40min)
  3. The Ricoh Theta S v Samsung 360 (start 19.18min) 
Kobe Bryant Musecage


To wrap things up our guys discuss Kobe Bryant's new storytelling the adventure Muse Cage (21.19min)

And we pass on a technology tip of how to get more out of your next drone shoot. (23:35min)

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