Rogues Gallery Live Streaming Services

Rogues Gallery Live Streaming Services

Need a business case for live streaming your next event? Don't worry, our content ninjas are here to help. We've compiled a helpful list of thought starters and benefits that highlight the many rewards. 

No matter what sector you operate in, live streaming gives your content urgency.

Empower your organisation to deliver corporate communications, thought-leadership, product information, investor relations, or campaign launches via a truly interactive medium. So what are you waiting for? Amplify your next event with live streaming and enjoy the immediate benefits of greater reach and increased customer interaction. 

How to use live streaming and video-on-demand

  • Leverage the technology to promote a new product
  • Create excitement around a new service line
  • Deliver live training classes to up-skill your employees
  • Communicate with your students who aren't able to get to the campus or classroom    
  • Make live announcements to investors creating hype around your company's performance
  • Deliver online meetings to your sales team
  • Build a library of video-on-demand content that your audience can revisit at a time most suitable for them
  • With a webcast, you have the option of using complementary presentation methodologies and multimedia. 
Live Stream Rogues Gallery Qantas Unveils its new uniform

Live Stream Rogues Gallery Qantas Unveils its new uniform

Reduce the cost of your next event 

A live stream participant only needs access to the internet to engage in your event. You have the potential to interact with anyone, anywhere, at any time. The benefits to your organisations bottom line is a reduction in travel expenses. No need for flights, fuel, meals or hotels. 

A reduction in travel cost is not the only ROI of live streaming. With an extension in reach, more people (team members or customers) can access your event. So in one live streamed event, you can deliver the same training, the same information, the same announcement to guarantee unification and consistency in messaging.  The simultaneous delivery of a message, in an interactive and engaging way, may deliver reduce the effort needed to drive change in your organisation. 

Flip the coin, and the benefits of live streaming extend to your presenters.  Your keynote speaker, for example, can deliver his thought leadership presentation from his or her own environment, without the need for renting or hiring a specific space. 


Drive immediate interaction 

Setting up the right live streaming tools for your event to maximise engagement is critical. You don't want to miss the opportunity for your audience to interact, with live questions and answers. Tracking viewer participation, in real time, will also benefit your live stream as you can respond to and call-out specific actions to increase viewer engagement. With the right amount of planning and use of relevant live streaming tools you can engage your audience not just during the event, but also prior to and afterwards. 

Live stream Rogues Gallery AGPT Recruitment

Live stream Rogues Gallery AGPT Recruitment

Rogues Gallery Live Stream Water Diviner

Rogues Gallery Live Stream Water Diviner

Tune in from the comfort of your home or office

The business case for live streaming is strengthened when you look at all the ways you can repurpose the content you have captured from the event. With the ability to deliver video-on-demand after your event is finished, your content is still valuable. You can re-market the content with an email campaign, encouraging viewers to watch in the comfort of their home or office. 

You can create the long-form version of your event, in full, or you can edit a "snack-able" cut down for distribution of social channels.  


Good corporate environmental 

The ability to reduce the environmental footprint of your event is another benefit of live streaming. Acting with sustainability top-of-mind allows your organisation to be a good corporate citizen.    




We are here to helP

Rogues Gallery can handle all elements of the production for your live event so you can focus on what is important, "your message".

Our content ninjas will provide you with one point of contact for live streaming sales, installation, service, management and support. We will work with you, and for you, to execute a successful live event.

To speak to a live stream specilaist, please contact us.

ROGUES GALLERY'S CONTENT NINJAs provide quality and personal service

ROGUES GALLERY'S CONTENT NINJAs provide quality and personal service