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What they say

We love our clients! Hear what they say about our team

The team are solution driven, fast thinkers, excellent implementators, 1000% committed and forward thinking. We look forward to collaborate with Rogues Gallery in the near future again!”
The team are solution driven, fast thinkers, excellent implementers, 1000% committed and forward thinking. We look forward to collaborating with Rogues Gallery in the near future!
— Maureen Tan - General Manager SEA. Commonwealth/McCann

So what's our story? Well, in THE BEGINNING...

A 'Rogues Gallery' was a line-up of criminals.* 

Later some considered it to be 'a bunch of art dealers.' 

Most recently, Rogues Gallery featured Batman's greatest foes.**  

Is any of this relevant to us? Not really. But it's an engaging story. We like to craft engaging stories. (come to think of it... we do like art, The Joker, and Catwoman too!)


So, who are we?

Rogues Gallery is a content marketing studio that loves creating innovative content that lifts the productivity of your digital communications for more meaningful engagement. 

Our purpose?

We like making people happy.

When your customer's feeling good, they're more likely to high-five you. How do we make our customers happy? By delivering quality content that either entertains or informs. 

 So let our Content Jedi team lift the productivity of your communications with fresh video content to deliver meaningful engagement. 


Either make me laugh or teach me something

Without stories the web would be rather dull.

We believe in a message first, medium second approach that helps your brand be part of the only conversation that matters... your customer's!  

So let us collaborate to see just how effective your content marketing program can become.


Who started Rogues Gallery?

Rogues Gallery was founded by the original Content Jedi Roghan McKerlie in 2014.

With more than 15 years experience in the fields of strategy, content creation, digital and video production, Roghan has a proven ability in delivering meaningful customer engagement, via emerging technologies, data-driven insights & immersive stories. 

As a key-note speaker and industry thought leader Roghan has presented at AIMIA, IBR, Mumbrella, and Conference Criterion events, as well as run digital education workshops for The Good Guys, Vic Roads, City West Water, and Federation University, to name a few. 

Roghan is lifelong storyteller who's career started as regional print journalist (The Weekender & Sunshine Coast Daily), before shifting to national magazine titles (EMAP and ACP), television host (FuelTV/Fox Sports), then as a part-owner in the digital agency Bullseye - which he sold his shares as part of its Ogilvy acquisition in 2014 - where he learnt the dark-arts of data insights and how to use digital to engage your customer (wherever, whenever and however they want to ingest content). 


* A rogues gallery (or rogues' gallery) is a police collection of photographs of known criminals, used by police to identify suspects. - Oxford Dictionary

** The Rogues Gallery is the term for the various villains that Batman has faced over the years -