With the ability to view-and-interact in real-time video increasing in popularity, it’s never been a better time to deliver a live stream experience for your next corporate event or bespoke campaign. Live streaming delivers greater reach and better interactions with your audience because it's a one-time-only event.

It creates urgency requiring customers to interact now or miss out. A live stream moves your customers from passively engaging in your content to actively partaking in the event. Our team of experienced content ninjas has delivered a range of solutions from high-end bespoke campaigns to corporate events. Download our live streaming check list below. 

People spend 3x longer watching video which is live compared to video which is no longer live.
— Facebook

see how LIVE STREAMing helped CHEVROLET launch its campaign

Chevrolet planned to launch its all-new TRAX vehicle into a highly competitive Indonesian market. The objective was clear: raise awareness and generate leads for local dealerships. The question was how could Chevrolet cut-through-the noise and stand out from the crowd. 

Collaborating with globally-acclaimed agency Commonwealth//McCann Bangkok and creative production house Airbag, an innovative concept was developed to disrupt the competition and busy media landscape via a live streaming event like none before.

Welcome to TRAX Unlock The City - an amazing race event captured live on the streets of Jakarta over three epic weekends. The event involved Indonesian celebrities Desta and Vincent, as well as members of the public! An omni-channel experience was developed to widen the digital footprint and interactions. 

Working alongside local motion-picture filmmakers  Dreamlight Pictures , as well as spearheading the post-production efforts (check out our results on the TVC TRAX Unlock The City) Rogues Gallery was contracted to lead the technical requirements for the live streaming campaign.

Our team of experienced content ninjas designed the blue-print, selected the technology, and formed a team of engineers to deliver a world-first in the motor industry in south-east Asia. 

We at Commonwealth/McCann have had the absolute pleasure of working with Roghan and his very capable team at Rogues Gallery on one of the most ambitious, technologically advanced, real time on-ground and online activation anyone has ever attempted in Indonesia.

Roghan and team managed all the on ground and online technological solutions to make all our live events successes for 3 consecutive weekends.

We have had the best results because of them.

The team are solution driven, fast thinkers, excellent implementators, 1000% committed and forward thinking. We look forward to collaborate with Rogues Gallery in the near future again!
— Maureen Tan - General Manager SEA. Commonwealth/McCann


drive more value from your next corporate event

Live streaming doesn't always require a large footprint of production trucks and camera crews, Rogues Gallery's experienced content ninjas collaborate with your organisation to deliver the right solution for your event. 

We craft the right blue-print, leverage the appropriate technology, then deploy the optimal team to deliver you a successful live stream experience.  

Rogues Gallery is a live streaming corporate event specialists


live stream to A custom-built webpage, youtube, or facebook 



Our content delivery networks power your event allowing the content to be delivered to your purpose-built webpage, to your dedicated YouTube channel, and to your Facebook community.

We capture the analytics from each channel to measure and inform which channel boasted the most views as well as the highest engaged audience. 

The content can also be repurposed to many of your other social networks to maximise reach and engagement. 



  • Increase your customer interactions
  • Expand the audience and reach for your event
  • Repurpose your video content for your website and social channels    
  • Provide urgency to your content
  • Measure and analyse your event
  • Deliver a greater ROI from your event investment  
  • Flexibility of complementing key-note speakers with various presentation methods and multimedia

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