A 360 Live stream world-first...


Leading Australian department store Myer has a rich history of delivering world-class fashion events. But in 2017’s disruptive world, the runway experience is being challenged by increased competition for customer engagement.

So when the countdown began for its 2017 Autumn/Winter Launch, Myer faced a tough question: “How do we stay relevant?”

Enlisted by Myer’s lead agency Clemenger, Rogues Gallery partnered with Twitter and Periscope to journey into the live streaming unknown and create an experience like never before.

Overcoming tremendous odds including camera positioning, runway lighting, and a lossless stream from an underground car park, the Rogues Gallery content Jedi team combined the latest technologies with extensive streaming experience, to deliver Australia’s first 360 live stream on the Twitter and Periscope platforms.

Reaching over 100,000 viewers and receiving 30,000 “hearts” in just 12 hours the event made global headlines. Rogues Gallery even repurposed a library of 360 and VR video content for the campaign’s landing pages.  

We were able to immerse our customers as part of our AW Fashion launch narrative. Bringing in a world first and executed in style. A big thank you to the Rogues Gallery team!
— Mish Norris, Myer Creative Director

It was a world-first for a department store and has set a new standard for audience immersion.