What is a 3D Walkthrough?

Invite your audience in with a truly immersive experience right on your own website. An Official Matterport Partner, Rogues Gallery specialises in 3D Walkthroughs. View it in your web browser, on any mobile device – or with a VR Headset!

For residential and commercial real estate:

3D Walkthroughs are the premium offering that sets innovative realtors apart from the crowd. Our walkthroughs give prospective buyers the opportunity to experience a house, apartment, or commercial space from anywhere and any device. No internet access? No problem. Our walkthroughs can be accessed on your website or on the showcase app.

92% of homebuyers begin their search online

Hello, World!

For retail and event spaces:

If your business relies on visual content like photography, you understand the importance of catching the eye and cutting through the noise. Immersive experiences are proven to enhance engagement and increase website leads. With 99% dimension accuracy, 3D Walkthroughs let event planners choose your space with confidence.

67% of users click through to 3D Tours versus traditional media

For museums and galleries:

Open your space to a wider audience with a digital education experience. Add hotspot tags to highlight key features and inform viewers about important areas or objects. Easily accessible to all ages, 3D Walkthroughs easily embed into any website and can be shared on social media like Facebook.

Increase engagement by 300%

3 views let your audience choose their experience


Dollhouse View

Show how the entire space fits together with the Dollhouse View.                     


Inside View

Give your audience the feeling of actually walking through your space with Inside View.                                                            


Floorplan View

Understand a space’s layout in a snap with the top-down Floorplan View.



How long does it take to scan a typical home?

We recommend setting aside 4 hours to complete the scans for an average home or retail space. Larger event spaces and museums can take up to a day to scan.                                                

Can I add the 3D Walkthrough to my own website?

Yes! Embedding a 3D Walkthrough is as easy as embedding a video from Vimeo or YouTube to your site.


Create your own immersive experience - 48 Hour Delivery, Guaranteed!