Join our content ninja team in farewelling
Jill Schaeffer on Friday, September 8

After 4 incredible years krafting kool kontent (sic) Australia's favourite American import, Miss Jill Schaeffer, is heading home to Trump-land. 

Jill mastered the dark arts of digital during her Downunder staycation, and was even fortunate enough to deliver next-level content of ram's testicles (thanks Dubbo!) and a cow's reproductive organs (who knew fixed time artificial insemination was so fascinating?).

But it wasn't all bull dung, indeed our Philadelphia-Chattanooga, Tennessee gal got knee deep in the Miss World catwalks ("it's beauty with a purpose, people!"), live-streaming extravaganzas for Chevrolet in Jakarta ("Roghan, are you sure streaming 16 cameras is a good idea?"), hanging with the Harley-Davidson promo girls in Sydney ("I'm from the real south, move over y'all"), and then there were Art Galleries (ohhh... haven't you seen our 360 clip of the Archibald Prize?), massive rocks ("I didn't think Uluru was, like, totally, you know, so big") tissues ("Well I have enough Kleenex tissues for my farewell"), ice-cream for dogs ("it actually tastes delish"), poker and slot machines, as well as the heart-on-your-sleeve work for our friends at Cerebral Palsy Alliance. 

Indeed, Jill has been an employee, a vendor, a client, a team member, and most of all a friend to many of us.

Rogues Gallery would like friends, clients and fans of Miss Schaeffer to join us for an Aussie farewell on Friday, September 8 from 4.30pm...

Address: Rogues Gallery, The Cooperage, Suite 110/56 Bowman St, Pyrmont

Time: From 4.30pm

Drinks and food: Supplied. Just bring your merry self, and shareable a JS story (as there will be speeches). 

Please RSVP: